China (Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo 2018


Venue:Changsha International Convention
and Exhibition Center


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Hunan Province is striving to do the national forerunner of prefabricated building

By the year of 2017, Hunan Province has become one of the leading provinces which have complete industry chain and supporting policy, large production capacity, the high development speed in housing industry and prefabricated building industry. As of the end of 2016, Hunan Province has 10 leading prefabricated building companies and more than 20 supporting enterprises,15 prefabricating building industry bases. The annual annual production capacity reached 21.59 million square meters. Till 2016,the cumulative implementation of the prefabricated building projects reached17.5 million square meters, of which 4.43 million square meters were new construction projects in 2016. At present, Hunan Province has a national housing industry comprehensive pilot city (Changsha City), 6 national level housing industrialization (prefabricated building industry ) bases.