China (Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo 2018


Venue:Changsha International Convention
and Exhibition Center

Hunan's prefabricated building development is at the forefront of the country

Since 2014, with the great attention and strong promotion of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, through the strong support from all levels and the joint efforts of enterprises, Hunan's prefabricated buildings have achieved leapfrog development and led the country. Prefabricated buildings have been included in one of the top ten emerging industries supported by Hunan Province during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. According to the development goal of the prefabricated building in Hunan Province, the average proportion of completed construction buildings in the province in 2018 will reach 15%, of which the length of Chang, Zhu and Tan will reach 25%. At the same time, Hunan Province will focus on development. A group of prefabricated building demonstration cities, demonstration bases, demonstration projects and brand enterprises with national influence have accelerated the assembly-type construction industry into a 100-billion-level industrial cluster.