China (Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo 2018


Venue:Changsha International Convention
and Exhibition Center

requirements for the whole process control of prefabricated building engineering

In order to further clarify the quality main responsibility of the prefabricated building design, production and construction stages, strengthen the key link management and control, strengthen the effective connection between design and construction, improve the quality level of the assembly-type construction project in our province, and actively and steadily promote the continuous health of the assembly building in our province. Development, the relevant requirements for strengthening the whole process control of the prefabricated construction project are as follows:

I. Clarify the quality responsibility of the construction unit and the general contractor of the project

2. Strengthen the construction of architectural design management and capacity building

     (I) Strengthening the preliminary design management of prefabricated buildings
     (II) Deepening the construction design of the prefabricated building
     (III) Strengthening the quality management of fabricated building survey and design
     (V) Promoting BIM technology

3. Strengthen the quality control of the production process of precast concrete components

4. Strengthen the quality control of the construction process of the prefabricated building

5. Strengthen the training of assembly-type construction technicians and operators