China (Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo 2018


Venue:Changsha International Convention
and Exhibition Center

CMIG Drawin has a four-year layout of 48 cities across the country.

4 years to deploy 48 cities in 22 provinces, speeding up the realization of “full coverage” of the domestic market... Zhongmin Zhuyou Technology Industry Group(also known as CMIG Drawin), a leading manufacturer of fabricated buildings in Hunan Province, released this transcript on the occasion of the 2018 China Housing Expo .

As a prefabricated construction enterprise with strong R&D capabilities, Zhongmin Zhuyou has applied for a total of 1,511 patents, ranking first in the country. This time, it will showcase the EMPC (Assembly Building Contracting) model and  "Zhuyou Family", a series of research and operation results of new rural villa products and new materials.

Since its establishment four years ago, Zhongmin Zhuyou has rapidly expanded its headquarters in Changsha and the national market. It has accelerated its “going out” through investment expansion and technology cooperation and cooperation. It has laid out green building technology parks in 48 cities in 22 provinces across the country. Prefabricated building project. In 2018, Zhongmin Zhuyou used the EMPC model to achieve a construction area of ​​5 million square meters. For example, the Xiangya Student Apartment Project of Central South University with a total construction area of ​​20,000 square meters adopts this model to achieve the main structure capping in only 97 days, and the average construction speed reaches a standard level of 5 days.