China (Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo 2018


Venue:Changsha International Convention
and Exhibition Center

Construction 4.0 International Innovation Forum

This forum is the international platform of PBCTE and will be held bilingually in both Chinese and English, consisting of the following two sections:

1. Green high-quality development of South area of Changsha city
Experts, enterprises and government leaders will be invited to share their experience and contribute ideas for the development of the south area of Changsha (with a total area of 800 square kilometers and a construction area of 100 square kilometers) and seek for further cooperation.

2. High quality sustainable development and Belt & Road urban construction
Gathering global elites to discuss the high quality construction and sustainable urbanization policies, managements, standard and technology as well as industry development of China and other developing countries, providing a platform for construction industry and urban building for all countries.